“My Last – ” (A 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival Alleyplay)


Complete Performance Schedule

The Performers: Kari Bell, Grace Gordon, Polly Phokeev, Claire St-Francois


Check us out on the Fringe Festival website.
My Last –

A one-woman show performed by four different actors. 

This year, as part of the Visual Fringe, Theatre Double Take presents a unique and intimate viewing experience. Each performance will feature 1 actor and 3 audience members in a 10 x 10 foot shed for 10 minutes.

We started with one text, one story – the tale of 17-year-old Lucia and her swiftly deteriorating marriage. Then, 4 performers workshopped the script with writer/director Grace Smith, resulting in 4 completely different interpretations.

Depending on which date and time you attend, you’ll have the chance to see Kari Bell, Grace Gordon, Polly Phokeev, or Claire St-Francois perform the role of Lucia in a collaboratively created performance. Or, come see it 4 times to see each actor’s interpretation!

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