The Barely Staged Play Reading Series


A Reading of “Ranevskaya and the Seamstress,” a new work by Polly Phokeev.

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
Lemontree Creations Studio 196 Spadina ave
The play follows a group of people working in the Kamerny Theatre of Moscow in the fall of 1939, and explores how everyone, from the nameless make-up girl to the renowned actress Faina Ranevskaya, copes with the changing times. It is a kind of love-hate-letter to Russia, or an afternoon of leafing through a family album.




Two Two-Handers by Mavor Moore

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Imperial Pub (near Dundas Square)

Admission: Pay-what-you-can


“Inside Out” and “The Pile” by Mavor Moore

“Inside Out” will be read by Polly Phokeev and Geoff Mays

“The Pile” will be read by Annie Crowley and Grace Smith



Stalwart Women and Tempestuous Men: A Reading of Two Early Canadian Plays

Date: October 29th


“Lake Doré” by J.E. Middleton

“The Second Lie” by Isabel Ecclestone MacKay

Cast (click on their names to learn more about each cast member):

The Second Lie
Martin – Geoff Mays
Jane – Claire St-François
Carrie – Polly Phokeev
Eddy – William Wong
Dr. Mason – Leete Stetson
Constable – Ken MacAlpine

Lake Doré
Lawrence – Leete Stetson
Stella – Nessa Trenton
Luke – Ken MacAlpine

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