The Cyrano de BEERgerac Theatre Challenge

The Cyrano de BEERgerac Theatre Challenge took place on Friday November 29th at the Winchester Stage & Bar.

8 brave actors had 48 hours to memorize their lines for a 50-page version of the play Cyrano de Bergerac. Audience members could pledge money towards their favourite competitors to help them win.

Our winner was Callie Presniak, who played Cyrano:


Congrats, Callie!

In 2nd place was Kari Bell, as Le Bret and the Friar:


And close behind in 3rd place was Scott Labonte as Roxane and The Pickpocket:


Our competitors:

Click on each one to learn more!

 Kari BellCompetitorkari  Grace GordonCompetitor_Grace
 Scott LabonteCompetitor_Scott  Reg Matsoncompetitor_reg
 Alexander Offord


 Callie Presniakcompetitor_callie
Leete StetsonCompetitor_leete  Nicole Wilson


100% of all funds raised by the Cyrano de BEERgerac Theatre Challenge will be used for Theatre Double Take’s Feb 2014 production of Madeleine Robin Known As Roxane.

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