Casting Call

Show: The Land of Promise by Somerset Maugham

Companies: co-production between Theatre Double Take and Snowdrop Productions

Rehearsal Period: March and April 2015 (3 rehearsals/week), Tech/Dress Apr 29th and 30th

Performance Dates: May 1st-3rd, 6th-9th 2015

Venue: Red Sandcastle Theatre

Non-union, profit-share

We are casting for the following roles:

Gertrude Marsh – (25-35 yrs) small, tough, and hard-working; recently married, living in a small house in the praires

Frank Taylor (25-40 yrs) tall, strong; formerly a farm-labourer for hire; rough sense of humour

Kate (no particular age) maid; respectable, quiet

Mrs. Sharp (28-40 yrs) tired, very anxious woman with a large family

We welcome applicants of diverse backgrounds for all roles.


  • Availability during the rehearsal and production period is a must.
  • Some skill with accents is an asset

To apply: Email grace at theatredoubletake dot com with CV and headshot

Deadline: end of day January 1st, 2015. Only those selected to audition will be contacted.

Auditions will be held on January 4th, between 4 and 8pm.

About the Play

The Land of Promise is a four act play that takes place in the wealthy drawing rooms of the British upper-classes and the backwoods cabins of Canadian settlers in the early 20th century.

About the Companies

Snowdrop Productions is committed to producing underperformed plays with an emphasis on Canadian themes. A strong interest in plays written or set in the first half of the twentieth century allows us to examine our cultural history through theatre. We believe in the importance of telling Canadian stories and exploring Canadian history.

Theatre Double Take is a Toronto theatre company specializing in inquisitive adaptations that examine problematic aspects of well-known plays, works of literature, and historical events.

Both companies are committed to providing artistic opportunities for women in theatre, as well as young up-and-coming artists.

“Ranevskaya and the Seamstress”: A Reading

As part of our Barely Staged Reading Series, we’re pleased to present not only historical plays but also new, exciting plays from new and exciting playwrights!


“Ranevskaya and the Seamstress”: A Reading

A play reading of “Ranevskaya and the Seamstress,” a new work by Polly Phokeev.
On Wednesday, May 21st at 8pm, please join Theatre Double Take and at Lemontree Creations Studio for a reading of “Ranevskaya and the Seamstress.”
The play follows a group of people working in the Kamerny Theatre of Moscow in the fall of 1939, and explores how everyone, from the nameless make-up girl to the renowned actress Faina Ranevskaya, copes with the changing times. It is a kind of love-hate-letter to Russia, or an afternoon of leafing through a family album.When: Wednesday, May 21st at 8pm
Where: Lemontree Creations Studio, 196 Spadina ave
How much: PWYC

For more info:

2013/14 Season Announcement

Theatre Double Take is delighted to announce details on our upcoming 2013/14 season!

First, we’ll be launching our Barely Staged Reading Series. The first event in this series will be entitled Stalwart Women and Tempestuous Men: A Reading of Two Early Canadian Plays. This reading will take place on October 29th, and will feature “Lake Doré” by J.E. Middleton and “The Second Lie” by Isabel Ecclestone MacKay. Both of these one-act plays received their first productions in the early 20th century and have had little performance history since; we’re excited to bring them back out for your enjoyment and discussion! We’ll be doing another Barely Staged Reading during the spring of 2014, focusing on 19th century melodramatic Canadian plays.

In November, we’ll be having our first fundraiser event: The Cyrano de BEERgerac Theatre Challenge! Our brave volunteer actors will have 24 hours to memorize a 75 minute version of Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac. Audience members can place bets on their favourite actors to forget the fewest lines; in between Acts, we’ll have other games and prizes! This event will take place on November 28th at the Winchester Kitchen & Bar, whose kitchen and bar will be open for the whole evening.

In February, we’ll be producing a new script by our Artistic Director, Grace Smith. Madeleine Robin Known As Roxane is a loose adaptation of Rostand’s classic play, Cyrano de Bergerac. Finally learning the truth as her cousin Cyrano dies, Roxane is left alone – with everything she thought she knew about the love of her life turned upside down. Directed by Grace Smith, Assistant Directed by Leete Stetson, this exciting new show will open February 5th at Lemontree Creations Studio on Spadina.

Then, in March we’ll be giving audiences a sneak peak at our joint project with up-and-coming opera company, Opera Five. Part play, part opera, this show will dramatize the life and trial of Angélique, the slave famously convicted of burning down her owners’ home in Old Montreal.

We’re very excited to share all of these events and projects with you – we hope you join us!

Stalwart Women and Tempestuous Men:
A Reading of Two Early Canadian Plays
Part of the Barely Staged Reading Series
Date: October 29th, 2013
Time: 7pm
Location: TBA
“Lake Dore: A Play in One Act”
by J.E. Middleton

“The Second Lie”
by Isabel Ecclestone MacKay

The Cyrano de BEERgerac Theatre Challenge
A Theatre Double Take Fundraiser
Date: Thursday, November 28th, 2014
Time: 8pm
Location: Winchester Kitchen & Bar, 51A Winchester Street, Toronto, ON M4X 1A8

Madeleine Robin Known As Roxane
Possibly inspired by Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac
by Grace Smith
Dates: February 5th – 9th, 2014
Time: 8pm (2pm Sunday matinee)
Location: Lemontree Creations Studio, 196 Spadina (Lower Unit), Toronto, ON M5T 2C2

Untitled International Women’s Day Project
A joint production with Opera Five
Date: March, 2014
Location: TBA