Madeleine Robin Known as Roxane

Roxane_final edit

Poster Design: Frank Fiorentino


Production Team



Madeleine Robin Known As Roxane

A new play inspired by Cyrano be Bergerac

Written by Grace Smith

February 5-9th, 2014

Lemontree Creations Studio, 196 Spadina Ave.

Madeleine Robin Known As Roxane is an imaginative ‘what if’ based on Edmund Rostand’s classic play, Cyrano de Bergerac. Almost two years after the events of Cyrano, Roxane is stuck in a rut. She knows the two most important men in her life lied to her, but now they who could help clarify past events are dead. Uncertainty is a terrible state in which to be trapped. Then one day, a stranger appears who might know more about Roxane’s former life than they let on…

Production Credits:

Cast: Tennille Read, Alexandra Simpson

Written/Directed by Grace Smith

Scenographer: Claire Hill

Stage Manager: Emily Dix

Assistant Director: Leete Stetson

Production Assistant: Caitlinn O’Leary

Co-Lighting Designer: Anthony Neary

Script Dramaturg: Polly Phokeev

Production Dramaturg: Lisa Aikman

Produced by Grace Smith and Leete Stetson

Publicity: Emily Dix and Grace Smith

Production Photos:

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